Veritas Viridis – 8 – LEED-NC Gold

It’s not every day that we are just so proud of our hard work that we actually say something out loud to the world. But today is one of those days when the good news is impossible to contain. Our project with Clef des Champs in Val David has just been awarded LEED-NC Gold certification by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). We are particularly proud that the building achieved all possible 10 points for energy efficiency, and the difficult-to-achieve credit for building durability. This exciting building features a 7,000sf vegetated roof, a 230 ft long earth pipe for pre-cooling and pre-heating fresh air, solar hot water heating, natural ventilation and an interior green wall irrigated with grey water. And this is a factory! Congratulations to Clef des Champs president Marie Provost for “walking-the-talk” and her faith in our expertise to deliver a truly green building to meet their needs.

Although we have been dedicated to green building since long before LEED (in fact, both Peter Clark and Julia Bourke have played instrumental roles in bringing LEED to Canada and establishing the CaGBC) and have been focused on even broader and more comprehensive approaches to sustainability, community and resiliency, it is still worth the effort to bring owners, consultants and builders on-side to raise their game and work through the rigorous process of certification and achieve credible third=party recognition of a job well done. Congratulations team!


About Peter Clark

An international leader in sustainable development and green design, Peter Clark brings a wealth of experience in resort, institutional and commercial development, renovations, property management and operations in Canada and Mexico.

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