Veritas Viridis – 1

blueandyellow celebrates the inauguration of our website with this first blog posting. The title is in Latin, the original language of international communication that provides a wealth of terminology in fields as diverse as law, medicine, biology, philosophy and literature. We aim to promote sustainability by communicating Green Truth – that all human endeavours transpire within the biosphere, and the sooner we align what we do and how we do it with natural processes, the better.

This ties directly to our work, because we say sustainable design is a conversation – posing and answering questions, sharing stories, inspiring one another, exploring ideas and imagining the future. What makes architecture truly exciting is that it is so intentional – it is the shaping of communities, spaces and buildings by design. blueandyellow designs in harmony with nature – our projects intelligently respond to the environment to deliver comfort, beauty, functionality and value. As you explore our website, you will discover strategies we use to minimize a project’s environmental footprint and to restore and regenerate the world around us.

You may have noticed that most companies’ and organizations’ commitment to sustainability is only skin deep. It takes vision, hard core green values, clear objectives and a lot of work to make lasting net-positive contributions to our planet. We have been at the vanguard of transforming the building and development industry to more sustainable practices, promoting passive environmental design, green building standards, integrated design process, energy modelling and social sustainability since the 1980’s.

We helped bring LEED to Canada, to establish the Canada and Mexico Green Building Councils, and introduced sustainable design to McGill University’s curriculum. We have helped shaped the largest sustainable resort development in North America, hand-built a straw-bale house in downtown Montreal and adobe brick houses in Mexico, won an award for exemplary land stewardship from the Land Conservancy, taught sustainable development through the Urban Land Institute, managed the green operations certification of a hotel in Mexico, advised on the design of a green technology park, fire station, library, museum, office building and designed a soon-to-be LEED® Gold industrial facility. We’re really into it, have wide-ranging skills and interests, and are always excited by our work.
We hope that after having a look at our website, you can’t wait to hire blueandyellow for your project.


About Peter Clark

An international leader in sustainable development and green design, Peter Clark brings a wealth of experience in resort, institutional and commercial development, renovations, property management and operations in Canada and Mexico.

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  1. Qandrew June 6, 2011 4:31 am #

    Glad to see you guys getting your good name out there!

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