“We want to thank you both for your invaluable contribution to the renovation of our cottage. Your eye for detail and high technical standards have helped create a light-filled home that is a joy to live in. You’ve literally transformed our cottage into the perfect backdrop for our life at the cottage. The natural flow from room to room, the beautiful windows that link us to the outdoors, the rustic pine flooring, the smart storage and the intimate en-suite bathroom are just some of our favourite features. What impressed us most was your determination to create a place that met our needs and our lifestyle. You combined technical skill and artistic sensibility with an astute understanding of how we live and what matters to us… and, more importantly, you refused to let us stray from that ideal. Thank you for your wisdom, your expertise and your commitment to creating a home that lives up to all our expectations now… and in the future.

— Marie and John Tremble (home renovations and addition)

“Peter, I am extremely proud of the due diligence you are showing on each and every activity. Rather than look for the quick fix you take the time to research, collaborate, re-research and then propose gradual implementation. Thank you. Your experience and analytical input has made our team stronger. This is critical for us getting these programs going and going in such a manner that helps meet Loreto Bay’s sustainability mandate.

Keep it moving. It is very cool!”
— Rob Kater, President, Eco-Scapes, Loreto Bay

“Peter, thank you for the great session. We are always searching for projects that are thinking outside of the box and doing more than just checking off boxes on a LEED checklist. I was impressed with the depth of the social projects you guys implemented at Loreto Bay. People seem to often forget about the social 1/3 of that triangle.”

— Jenny Vallimont, Manager of Sustainability, Crosland (ULI webinar)

“Magnifique et impressionnant!!” — Pascale, Customer Service, Clef des Champs

“Beauté! époustouflant d’integration, la qualité des matériaux et la lumière des pieces. Bravo pour ce design et cette conception LEED.”
— Laurence Lebrun, Quality Assurance, Clef des Champs

“Un mot qui exprime mes impressions, émotions, réflections concernant l’architecture du batiment: HARMONIE.”
— Marie Provost, Founder, president, Clef des Champs

“Julia is very patient and very thorough, listens carefully and well, and is blending leading edge environmental concerns with the cultural traditions of the Cree Nation…. and the council is very happy with her….She certainly knows what she’s doing, and i can only recommend her very very very highly. We engaged her after our tourism consultants did a thorough study of architects and in particular environmental architects…. and we were aware of her national reputation in canada for energy efficient, green design, to a budget.”

— Nick Paradisis, Financial Analyst, Eenou company, Ouje-Bougoumou , project for eco-tourist lodge for the Cree Nation

“…everyone commented that Julia Bourke’s design was brilliant.”
— Ken Hague, Maire, Ivry-sur-lac, Québec

“Julia’s firm has done 10 projects so far for the Canada Department of Public Works with extremely satisfactory results. She stays on budget and we’ve had no problems whatsoever, and would recommend her highly. The firm has a lot of green experience, and you’ll get a lot of personal service. ”

— Richard Fortin, Services professionnels et techniques, TPSGC