Veritas Viridis 9 – Required Viewing for Everyone on the Planet

With the economic meltdown of 2007 and the lingering economic malaise, uncertainty and general dissatisfaction with the global economic “framework”, it’s tempting to feel sympathy with the Occupy movement, in the sense that we are all casting about for a new order, a new system. Capitalism has brought unprecedented wealth, prosperity and health to countless millions, but most of us are queasy at the social and environmental cost wrought against the unaccounted “externalities” of environmental health, social justice, and the dependence of GDP on war, petroleum, environmental degradation and social and economic inequality. What’s the alternative? What’s the new “system”? Well, it’s time to implore economists to reinvent economics.

So, imagine our surprise in discovering Marilyn Waring from New Zealand! Not only does she get it, she got it decades ago. She is articulate, incisive, does her homework and has done everything she could to inspire and cajole us to change what we value and how we do our national and global accounting.

As soon as you can, view the National Film Board of Canada feature Who’s Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex Lies and Global Economics (available on Netflix!). In this insightful program, witty and irreverent economics professor, goat farmer and former New Zealand Member of Parliament Marilyn Waring challenges the numerous myths of economics. She provides a lot of clues on how we can get back on track and move forward with re-aligned values.

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