A building is not just about space – it’s about people. The success of a design is measured by the value given by its users. blueandyellow is sensitive to the socio-cultural context of each project., be it with a corporate client, a First Nations community, or in such diverse locations as India or Mexico. Using appreciative inquiry techniques, we synthesise a diversity of viewpoints into an inclusive design.

Through collaboration and creative programming, blueandyellow identifies economic and social opportunities such as public space, daycare, cafe, exhibition space, casual meeting nooks, bulletin boards and car-pooling.
We foster social sustainability by addressing issues of:

  • diversity
  • flexibility
  • equal opportunity
  • accessibility
  • security
  • community outreach

We research and develop programs and training sessions addressing such subjects as office etiquette, natural and traditional building methods, team-building.

Talk to us about how social sustainability initiatives contribute to green operations certification.