…more than design, it’s a process of self-discovery, an intimate learning, healing, growing, imagining, fulfilling, self-development process.

blueandyellow design is distinguished by qualities that add value and bring pleasure to owners and users.  It is:

  • intentional, objectives-driven
  • original and authentic
  • place-based
  • integrated
  • clearly organized
  • uncluttered, but not simplistic
  • attentive to proportions, alignments and composition
  • harmonious
  • resolved
  • dynamic in the progression of spaces
  • eye-catchingly and attentively detailed
  • thoughtful of indoor/outdoor connections
  • spirit-lifting and delightful
  • cost-effective

We inform our design with technical expertise and knowledge of construction and follow through with site supervision to ensure that its quality translates faithfully to your finished home.

Our renovations and additions senstively contribute to and enhance your home’s existing character.