The most neglected issue in community planning is solar access – proper orientation of streets and buildings yields 30% energy savings through passive gains alone, not to mention optimizing opportunities for active solar collection. blueandyellow communities are planned for the post-peak oil future by beginning with intelligent solar alignments.

We enhance new urbanist strategies such as high density, diversity of public spaces, linkages with transportation and services and pedestrian-friendly planning with sustainability principles and team-generated objectives.

…and, we save you money: infrastructure efficiencies and natural systems reduce capital and operational costs.

blueandyellow community plans are:

  • intentional, objectives-driven
  • place-based
  • integrated
  • clearly organized
  • well resolved
  • spirit-lifting and delightful

"MARKET RESPONSE TO GREEN COMMUNITY HOMES: Interest 32% higher • Absorption 5% greater • 5-10% price premium" - Terramor Village homes, California ‘06