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Veritas Viridis – 10 – In the Moment

Photographer’s reflections on a morning photo shoot It’s Sunday morning out in the country. 8:45a.m. The sun is out – I am elated. It’s Spring, so the direction and angle of the sun dictates that I head to the easternmost favourite place – the Manitou stream. I know that by the time I finish thrashing […]

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Veritas Viridis 9 – Required Viewing for Everyone on the Planet

With the economic meltdown of 2007 and the lingering economic malaise, uncertainty and general dissatisfaction with the global economic “framework”, it’s tempting to feel sympathy with the Occupy movement, in the sense that we are all casting about for a new order, a new system. Capitalism has brought unprecedented wealth, prosperity and health to countless […]

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Veritas Viridis – 8 – LEED-NC Gold

It’s not every day that we are just so proud of our hard work that we actually say something out loud to the world. But today is one of those days when the good news is impossible to contain. Our project with Clef des Champs in Val David has just been awarded LEED-NC Gold certification […]

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Veritas Viridis – 7- Julia’s Straw Bale Crash Course

Fourteen years ago I undertook a demonstration project, ‘Straw bale construction on small urban lots’, in an effort to make affordable ecological construction techniques more accessible and to encourage social sustainability and urban densification in downtown Montreal through the development of small, tranquil, semi-abandoned lots. In May 1999 the resulting straw bale house–the first in […]

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Veritas Viridis – 6 – Community Preventive Medicine

Most of us understand that the optimal time to focus on health is not when we have a heart attack. The age-old principle of “a stitch in time saves nine” reminds us that early interventions can prevent later crises. Modest exercise, stress management and a balanced diet of moderation can all help reduce the risk […]

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Veritas Viridis – 5 – In the Market for Windows?

Windows are critical components of blueandyellow’s comfortable and energy efficient buildings. Daylight and views of nature have undisputed beneficial effects on building occupants, and south-facing windows with properly designed overhangs provide much appreciated passive solar heating in late fall, winter and early spring. We are fortunate to have glass technology on our side. Although a […]

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Veritas Viridis – 4 – Airing Our Laundry

We often encounter “soft” barriers to adopting sustainable practices, such as cultural and social conventions, habits and attitudes about convenience. On a recent visit to the Maritimes we couldn’t help but notice the contrast between migrant agricultural worker camps with lines of laundry flapping gaily in the on-shore breeze and the neat but laundry-less landscape […]

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Carbon-footprint label

Veritas Viridis – 3 – Carbon-Footprint Labels

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are gaining traction around the world, with some impressive results. An article in The Economist (Following the Footprints, June 4, 2011) noted that between 1990 and 2008, European Union countries reduced total carbon emissions in their own territories by 6%. We were intrigued by what we read next: “But […]

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Dandelion Greens

Veritas Viridis – 2

We have discovered dandelion greens. Last weekend, a lack of store-bought ingredients for a salad inspired us to harvest some fresh Spring dandelions just outside the door. We were stunned to discover that their leaves and buds are delicious. We learned that they contain abundant vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C and K, and […]

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Homepage Banner

Veritas Viridis – 1

blueandyellow celebrates the inauguration of our website with this first blog posting. The title is in Latin, the original language of international communication that provides a wealth of terminology in fields as diverse as law, medicine, biology, philosophy and literature. We aim to promote sustainability by communicating Green Truth – that all human endeavours transpire […]

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