why choose us?


blueandyellow inc, founded by Julia Bourke and Peter Clark in 2008, is a design practice and consultancy exclusively dedicated to sustainability. blueandyellow is a unique partnership, carrying forward the mission of Montreal-based Julia Bourke Architecture inc. with the added insight and architectural experience of B.C. project manager and facilitator Peter Clark. blueandyellow provides sustainability consulting globally, with notable experience in Mexico and India. Located in Montreal and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts we are easily accessible to clients in eastern Canada and the US.

blueandyellow provides the benefits of a large organization in terms of experience with the focus on client service and consistency that only a small organization can provide.

Canada Green Building Council Member
We maintain a network of outstanding specialists and adjust our staff size to suit project needs.

why choose us?

Because we have no time to waste
Because conventional building design is no longer acceptable
Because academia is too slow, and commercial practice too fast, to hit the mark
Because architecture requires a living laboratory
Because design must be based on research and not on convention or intuition
Because we have the experience and not the overhead
Because the big firms, like the Titanic, have great momentum but slow response time
Because we can’t wait years for “market transformation”
Because we are over-educated and under-employed
Because we are leaders, not victims of the system
Because beauty is not skin-deep
Because the pleasure of making cannot be enjoyed at someone or something else’s expense
Because everything we make is a testament to our place in the world
Because we live to serve
Because we live to design
Because architecture is a social trust
Because trust is essential

our strengths

Intellectually rigourous
Attentive to detail
Knowledge of green design

Julia Bourke

Julia Bourke, partner

BA magna cum laude Harvard ‘81
M Arch Princeton ‘85
Ordre des architectes du Quebec 1994-2012
LEED® Accredited Professional ‘04

Julia Bourke is one of Canada’s pre-eminent Green building advocates with a long history of leadership as principal of a research-based design practice as well as through teaching and public service. With project experience in France, India, the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as Canada and the US, Ms. Bourke offers a broad perspective and a knowledge-base founded on a diversity of climates, cultures and building conditions. She combines distinct design flair with a sharp analytical mind. Clients also value her compassionate open-minded nature and attentiveness to detail.

Ms. Bourke has participated in LEED® Gold and Platinum projects, as well as LEED® for Homes. More significantly, she has contributed to the development of LEED® through her tenure as a board member of the Canada Green Building Council, and her participation in the Council’s LEED® Steering Committee. Bourke’s understanding of passive design principles and her experience with off-grid projects have furthermore led her to be acknowledged as a ‘net-zero’ specialist, as attested to by her contribution to the ‘net-zero’ demonstration housing project within Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic village. As consultant to the Villages of Loreto Bay, she has contributed policy, guidelines and urban design strategies regarding affordable and custom housing to North America’s ‘largest sustainable resort development’.

An early adopter of green principles, Julia Bourke conceived and built , in 1998, the first urban strawbale house in Canada as a demonstration of affordable ecological construction in the urban context. Recipient of Federal grants for this and her work with the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, Bourke is well known for her advancement of straw bale building techniques and her promotion of ecological architecture and community design.

Adjunct Professor at McGill University School of Architecture from 1991 to 2007 where she distinguished herself in this area, Ms. Bourke received a five year grant to teach sustainability in an interdisciplinary context, and developed the first interdisciplinary integrated design course in Canada. She is an experienced lecturer , critic and juror, is widely published, and has received two ACT program innovation awards as well as a design award from the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.

Prior to founding blueandyellow with Peter Clark, Ms. Bourke led the solo practice Julia Bourke Architecture Inc. In partnership with Fiset Miller Architects through 2005 she gained valuable experience in institutional work, and with Saia Barbarese architectes, she was responsible for the coordination of the $53 million University of Quebec Science Complex(Prix Orange 1998) and Jean-Claude Malépart Sports Center (Prix d’Excellence 1998). Bourke apprenticed in New York City and Paris, working for such internationally acclaimed architects as Bernard Tschumi and Michael Graves prior to setting up practice in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec. She also developed her abilities as an interior designer on such prestigious projects as Apple Computer’s European Headquarters, the Banque Nationale de Paris’ New York Headquarters.


Peter Clark

Peter Clark, partner

B Arch Carleton 1978
Architectural Association 1977
Architectural Institute of British Columbia 1982-2012
Project Management Institute, Victoria ’90
Community Consultation , U. of Victoria ‘98
USGBC LEED® Accredited Professional ‘03
CaGBC LEED® Accredited Professional ‘05

An international leader in sustainable development and green design, Peter Clark brings a wealth of experience in resort, institutional and commercial development, renovations, property management and operations in Canada and Mexico, having been intimately involved in a wide range of roles in the real estate sector, including:

  • independent facilitator
  • sustainability/green advisor – design, construction and operations
  • technical advisor
  • owner representative/project manager
  • property developer
  • property manager
  • construction manager
  • planner/programmer
  • lead architect

Clark is uniquely qualified to guide owners in achieving solutions that maximize value.

Before establishing blueandyellow, Mr. Clark was Director of Sustainability for the Villages of Loreto Bay, the largest sustainable resort community in North America. Based in Baja California Sur, Mexico, he provided leadership on many initiatives aimed at economic, social and environmental sustainability.

He has been a webinar instructor on sustainable development and implementation strategies for green communities to the Urban Land Institute, and instructor on sustainable community and building design at the Yestermorrow Design/Build school in Vermont.

Previously he was active in British Columbia for 10 years as a practicing architect to the private sector and 16 years providing facilitation, project management and professional advisory services to the public sector (the former BC Buildings Corporation), specializing in technical advice (building envelope, commercial and institutional interiors), sustainable development and high performance green building design, construction and operations.

Mr. Clark was a founding member of LEED BC Steering Committee which adapted LEED for British Columbia in ‘99 and advocated the formation of the Canada Green Building Council. He was an early board member in Cascadia Region Green Building Council, ‘99-’05, and founding board member, Mexico Green Building Council ‘06.

Mr. Clark was responsible for Canada’s first LEED® Gold project, the Vancouver Island Technology Park, as technical advisor and later as construction manager on site infrastructure and tenant improvements. He was LEED® advisor and green building strategist on many health care, public safety, community, cultural and justice projects in British Columbia between “02 and ‘05. He was instrumental in the Inn at Loreto Bay becoming the first hotel in Baja California to achieve the challenging Green Globe 21 certification in September ‘08.

Peter Clark is an accomplished photographer – check out his work: